BARIS LIGHT is a Greek Led Light Manufacture company.

We start as"ElectrosynthesiVassileios Baris and was founded in 1998, was initially specialized in the area of LED technology applications and Fiber Optic Lighting products (Fiber Optics).

Its main objective was imports and exports, while
the consequent evolution of these pioneer products and through our unceasing updating on them, ultimately led to the foundation of  V. Baris & Co OE.

With we
expanded our activities in building
our own luminaires with LED technolgy 

The revolution of LED technology in combination with the ever-growing need for energy saving has appointed LED lights as the ideal solution in every type of lighting (general, internal, external, architectural, etc).

Our company’s headquarters are in Patras. is an exclusive representative of many European firms that specialize in the same area. We have established a vast sales network throughout Greece and all over Europe.

Also, you can download our catalogues here