Enterprise Identity

The barislight.eu is an online store products available through the internet created by (name of company ) called V.MPARIS & CO and the name '' BARIS LIGHT'' ( VAT No: 998363890 DOY: G ' PATRON ( B' AND LOWER ACHAIAS ) ] ) . The company is headquartered Akti Dymeon 3.26222 , Patras. Before you enter the online store and browse our website , we invite you to consult the following terms and conditions which apply specifically to the use of the shop of V.BARIS & CO , located at barislight.eu.

Make sure you agree to the following terms and conditions as the re -use and navigate your site more barislight.eu implies explicit and unconditional consent and agreement with them.


1. Conditions

The BARIS LIGHT reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions of the transactions made ​​through e- shop, according to the needs and usages . The BARIS LIGHT undertakes to inform users of any changes and any changes through the website of this online store. It is clarified that the change does not take orders conditions which have already done .

2. Information and Products

The barislight.eu committed to the quality and completeness of the information provided in the site which in the case described for each product available . As for the accuracy of data on the provided by the online store BARIS LIGHT, services , subject to any technical or typographical errors that have escaped the attention or occur unintentionally or due to any downtime of the site on grounds of superior violence .


3. Conditions Privacy

BARIS LIGHT respects your privacy and guarantees that make every reasonable effort to protect them . The processing of such data is always within the framework of existing legislation (Laws 2472/1997 and 3471/2006 ) . We collect only the personal data that allow us , as each time you enter an item , it is presumed that you consent to the collection and processing. The security of your data is our constant goal : use the latest technology to offer you security in your online transactions with us.

Further , during your visit to our website , certain information is stored , such as the IP address of your provider , the website from which you arrived at our site and the date and duration of your visit . Clarify that these items are not linked to your personal data and used to better serve you by improving our website .
When making your online purchase, you will save necessary for contract performance personal data like your name, address, phone number, email address .
BARIS LIGHT does not sell or rent personal information to others . Any transfer of such data to third parties only where the law permits or impose . Alongside making every reasonable effort to prevent any illegal or unauthorized processing of your data by third parties .

4. Promotional messages

The barislight.eu not abused the ability to communicate with users in electronic or mailing address or by phone for the sake of promoting new products and services or information on deals . Parallel at any given time users the option to stop receiving such messages.


5. Copyrights .

This website is provided for personal use only and confers no further right to the user who recognizes the signals and all intellectual and / or industrial property contents belongs exclusively to BARIS LIGHT and its licensors : hence user may not copy, reproduce, reprint , modify, sell or in any way derive commercial benefit from the contents of this website without the written consent of BARIS LIGHT, subject to any contrary provision of applicable law .


6. Limitation of Liability

The barislight.eu, its employees , or other representatives shall not have any liability under any circumstances for any consequential, incidental , indirect, special damages or expenses or penalties , including , but not limited to, lost profits , downtime of business, loss of information or data , or loss of customers , loss or damage to property and claims of any third party arising out of or in connection with the use, copying , or presentation of this website or its contents or any other related website , whether the barislight.eu was informed, knew or should have known of the possibility thereof .

The BARIS LIGHT does not guarantee the correctness or accuracy of the information contained herein, whether text or images or any type of information , and if anyone posted this and is not responsible for any loss or damage , consequential or another , which may be caused by or result from the use of this website or access to it, including where such loss due to incorrect information or information as described above. The exemption of liability BARIS LIGHT, which the user is presumed that only accepts unreservedly the use of this website .

7. Linking to other websites

In this website may provide links to third party websites , whose content and in particular any offered services and / or products and / or information does not control the BARIS LIGHT and which is not responsible in any way . The User acknowledges that access to third party sites and further the use of these websites , carried by his sole responsibility .


8. Payment

The online store barislight.eu supports repayment of your purchases with :

Pay off your order with delivery in your area with the method of remuneration extra cost 2 Euro shipping if charged to the recipient.
Charge to your credit or debit card type Visa, Mastercard.
By using Paypal (www.paypal.com)
Payment at our store where removal done on it .
By bank deposit to the available account







0026 0344 52 0200397475

















9. Method - Time - Shipping Cost

There are 2 ways of shipping : by courier (1-2 working days) or transport agent ( 1-2 working days from receipt and agency headquarters ) . The shipping cost is borne by the recipient.

The Courier shipping cost will be 3,00 € up to 2 kilos and 1,20 €. For every extra pound costs 1.5 €. The delivery is 2,00 € per shipment. The costs may exceed this amount because of the volume of products or if your location is 'inaccessible' characterized by companies courier.
   CAUTION : In some remote areas for transmission by courrier is still weak . In such cases the task is done by mail .
   For heavy items you want to send your interest by sending transport agent . The charge in this case is 5 - 15 € per parcel depending on the agency and the volume of the parcel while unfortunately not accepted the delivery . It should be depositing the order amount to our bank account in one of the affiliated banks .
Free pickup from our store within the next business day after the date of order if the product is available .


10. Pricing policy

Quoted prices are the final products ( ie including VAT ) and recommended by the barislight.eu. These values ​​relate to amounts which are available in our warehouse , while barislight.eu reserves the right to adjust prices .


11. Withdrawal - Return

You have the right to return products purchased, without penalty and without being obliged to tell us why you wish to return the goods within 10 working days from the date you receive your goods . In this case you only charge the direct cost of returning goods. Returns are accepted only if the items you wish to return in the same condition as received, ie without unsealed or has violated the original packaging along with the sales receipt or invoice .

To avoid your own discomfort , it is advisable to check carefully at the time of delivery of your order , the condition of the products and their packaging intact , in order to detect any obvious defects ( eg broken goods , wrong type , etc. ) . If you want to return the products purchased, the address to which they must be sent back to the products are:
Dymeon 3 Patra Achaia TK. 26222 Greece
In case of refund and depending on how you chose to pay for your order and how to prepare the return , the refund will be completed within 30 days from the date you receive the products .

We would like to point out that in the event that the product does not meet the above requirements will be returned to sender with the same charge .
For more information we are always available either by phone on 2610 317 313 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


12. Guarantee

Terms of warranty

If a device is present during the agreed power factory warranty '' BARIS LIGHT'' hardware error or manufacturing defect , the device or the defective part is repaired or replaced by '' BARIS LIGHT'' according to its discretion. The '' BARIS LIGHT'' assumes full or partial replacement of parts necessary to restore continuity. The '' BARIS LIGHT'' has the right to use parts , remanufactured parts . The labor costs or any other third party costs not obligation "BARIS LIGHT". The disproportion in the above sense is, in particular if the required actions would lead to '' BARIS LIGHT'' costs beyond the limit of tolerable :

in relation to the purchase price and / or value of the device in a state without defects ,
taking into account the severity of the defect and estimated , if they could implement alternative ways of restoring the defect without significant difficulties for the buyer .
However left to the discretion of '' BARIS LIGHT'', request sending the defective part for repair or replacement. The '' BARIS LIGHT'' only requirement for removing or installing the fixture , if necessary expertise , which does not own or is not expected to hold the purchaser , otherwise the obligation '' BARIS LIGHT'' in relation to the fault running the delivery of the repaired or replaced part of the purchaser.
The factory warranty is not included and additional shipping costs , and possibly travel expenses and subsistence of staff maintenance '' BARIS LIGHT'' for field repairs when installing devices within Greece as well as in the following countries : Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , France , Germany , Czech Republic , Switzerland , Greece , Cyprus , United Arab Emirates , Japan , India , Spain , Israel , Italy , Luxembourg , Great Britain , South Africa , South Korea , Netherlands , Portugal , Thailand , Chile . Excludes customs duties , taxes and other import costs . For North America are separate warranty terms .

Consumables and accessories , subject to normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty ( eg transformers , power supplies , capacitors , fuses , filters , devices to prevent overcharging ) .

Extent of factory warranty

Required before the benefits without warranty costs :

The buyer must communicate directly to '' BARIS LIGHT'' the identified deficiencies , in a message with a brief description of the error in the service line '' BARIS LIGHT''.
Submit a copy of the purchase receipt
The nameplate of the device must be completely legible .
Request for the procedure '' BARIS LIGHT'' or service partners thereof.
For carrying out the assessment in accordance with the '' BARIS LIGHT'' necessary repairs and replacement deliveries , the customer must provide '' BARIS LIGHT'' the required time and opportunity required . The old , defective parts become the property of '' BARIS LIGHT''. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover damage due to : losses during transport

incorrect installation or commissioning by the purchaser or third parties
interventions , modifications or attempted repair by the purchaser or third parties
Ignoring the instructions, the maintenance standards .
improper use or inappropriate operation
Insufficient ventilation of the device ( if necessary from the product installation instructions ) .
accidents , external influences
force majeure ( eg lightning , hypertension , severe weather , fire)
It also does not cover cosmetic defects or signs of decay, which do not influence the
energy . If buyer require this guarantee unnecessary or undue interference of service, the '' BARIS LIGHT'' has the right to charge the expenses incurred . The same applies to waiting times , if the buyer does not provide the maintenance staff immediate access to a malfunctioning device . Unless expressly provided for by law responsibility '' BARIS LIGHT'', the manufacturer's warranty does not include duties other than those stated in the terms of the guarantee , particularly in regards to cover losses arising directly or indirectly.