At BARISLIGHT ® you will find your ally in every project, no matter what the difficulty may be.

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturιng luminaires, we can provide solutions to anyone who wants to design custom luminaires.

You will have the chance to get away from ordinary and common light fixtures

by implementing what you had in mind. The projects we have implemented are a guarantee of the quality of our work. You only have to contact us to turn your inspiration to a real light that will decorate your space.

Even if you do not have a plan already, you will get in touch with our designer and in

collaboration with designers as well as using the latest generation of photometric and

3D imaging software we are able to design, implement and manufacture custom lighting for any space, professional or private.

The stages of creating a custom luminaire are as follows:

  • the original line drawing is drawn on the computer

  • then its 3D representation is made

  • the actual product is manufactured

  • the application of the luminaire in space